Q: Why was my Credit Card declined?

Your credit card may have been declined due to the following reasons:

  1. Insufficient cleared funds in your bank/credit card account
  2. Your card has expired
  3. Incorrect CSC(Card Security Code) number, preventing transaction completion . The CSC number is often also referred to as CVV number, CW2, CVC2 or CID number.
  4. We DO NOT accept Diners cards and American Express cards
  5. You are typing your credit card number with spaces. If you try entering your credit card number as a single number, without any spaces, you shouldn't have any further problems.

Should you be experiencing problems with your Credit Card payment, we recommend that you phone our Customer Service Hotline between 10am and 5pm AEST at +61 408 123 400 Mon-Fri and we will process your order manually.

Please note that whilst we do not charge to assist you over the telephone to place your order via the web, if we place the order for you, an administration fee of $5 applies.